tendance is the biggest part of success in school. The more you attend, the better you learn. With my teaching, I pay a lot of attention to student attendance.

Because of this reason, I track all my students' attendance. You can login to your account and see your attendance in details. I give points for your attendance. Here is how it works:


Present       (5 points): You are in class before the bell rings
Absent        (0 points): You just have no reasons at all
Sick              (2 points): You called in for being sick
Late              (3 points): You are late, arriving after the bell.
Satisfied      (2 points): You have a good reason to miss the day
Unsatisfied  (1 point): You have a reason, but not a good one


Here is how I calculate your attendance score. Let's say you have the following numbers in your account:
Present: 20
Absent: 6
Sick: 4
Late: 7
Satisfied: 8
Unsatisfied: 0


First, I multiply all your days with the points they have and add them together:

20 x 5 = 100
6 x 0 = 0
4 x 2 = 6
7 x 3 = 21
8 x 1 = 8

100+6+21+8= 135

And then I divide that number with the most possible point and multiply it with 100 to get a percentage. The most possible point is that if you can be in my class present everyday, which is all days (20+6+4+7+8) = 45 days.
The most possible point: 45 x 5 = 225

Now it comes down to calculate the attendance percentage: 135/225 x 100 = 60 %

In other words, student's attendance would be calculated as 60% if the student was present for 20 days,  absent for 6 days, sick for 4 days, late for 7 days, and had 8 satisfied days for not being in school.


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