I like to have a part in your life. I want to better you and your word. This is the main reason why I choose to become a teacher. You are the most important element why we are all here in school. Only if we work together, you and I can be successful. 

I do not expect you to understand everything I teach, but it is important you try in class and, most importantly, after class. I always leave my class late. Come and ask me any questions you have.

And remember that while it is a must you have to come to school every day, it is my choice that I volunteered to be here every day. It is me, who wants to stay in school and teach. Therefore, with a wide range of abilities and talents you have, I welcome each and every single one of you in my class and in my life.

I'm very excited for being one of your teachers. My goal is not only to teach and guide you on your education path but also helping you to realize your potentials in order to better the world we leave in.


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