Please don't laugh at me but I want to become a teacher that doesn't do much in class because self-learning is happening, meaning students are teaching themselves. I will feel myself very successful if one day I walk in the classroom with full of students and they are not asking me ANY question. They don't ask me a question; not because they are shy with me nor they are unsure about what to do next, but they don't ask me questions because,

1- They know what they are supposed to be doing,
2- They have everything to help them start,
3- They know how to find the new and old topics
4- They know how to submit assignments
5- They know how to correct the mistakes
6- And they know when to ask for help

I want to help them becoming lifelong learners and be prepared to learn an unknown. Today's teachers should not only help students preparing them for tomorrow, but also help them developing skills for the day-after-tomorrow to deal with events that students are not ready for.

Therefore, my vision is to create a learning environment where a teacher becomes progressively unnecessary for students because self-learning is happening.


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