First of all, thank you very much for looking at my website. I designed it using a Joomla template.

I got my teaching diploma in 2008. My first high school teaching job was in 2013, at James Bay Eeyou School. Cree School Board hired me and I taught Mathematics for Secondary 2 to 5 students, (grade 8 to 11 in Ontario).

First days of my teaching, I was having difficulties from some students. They were not doing any assignments. Their attendance was poor. I didn't know much about what to do. At that time, it was only one month or so with my teaching carrier but the question about how to improve the attendance changed me, the way I teach, and students' behavior a lot. I started having Parents Meetings and told them which assignments their children were missing. We talked about school attendance as well.


The idea of building the website

My website actually is a production of the parents. They told me that they did not know their children had assignments past due dates. They did not know about student attendance. They didn't know the deadlines. And moreover, they did not know what their children were learning. I didn't know how to answer all those questions in a daily based conversation. I realised that what parents were asking is nothing more than a daily feedback. And that is what my website does.

Right now, I record everything at my website. If two students work together, I write that on my website, so, parents get an email notification. I started taking attendance at my website, so, when a student is absent or late, the parents receive email notifications.

If students pass due dates for their assignments, my website sends emails to those parents.


Why am I recording all lessons?

Some parents asked me if I can teach them the class topics, so, they can teach their children at home. They even asked me if I can put up the lessons on my website. That's when I started recording. This became useful for me because students are now able to go back and learn what they missed.


Individual education

I really didn't know I would end up teaching individually. For a long time now, I have stopped teaching on a blackboard where all students learn the same. In other words, I stopped standing in front of the class and tell everyone what today`s topic is. Time is no longer an issue with me. Every day, whether the student is absent or not, I always teach. If a student misses the lesson, it is on my website. Even assignments are on my website. I ended up creating an environment, where students can continue to learn even if they are not in class. If they are in class, I am helping one-by-one and everyone learns. That's when the individual education for each of my student started.

I also like to add that if a student learns fast, it is endless how much I can teach. For example, this year, while all students are trying to finish Unit 3 (two assignments) and Unit 4 (nine assignments), a student is finishing Unit 7. This technique is the best not only for slow learners but also for fast learners.


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