2022-2023 St. Mother Teresa Program Night

Date: Thursday September 15th 

Time: 6-7:15pm


Principal opening address in Cafeteria Gym


High School Period 1 / 7&8 1st presentation in classroom


High School Period 2 / 7&8 2nd presentation in classroom


High School Period 3 / 7&8 3rd presentation in classroom


High School Period 4 / 7&8 4th presentation in classroom


Parents depart the school


  • Parents will meet at 6pm in the Caf/Gym for the Principal’s opening address and they will also have the opportunity to meet the school’s Leadership Team
  • Parents will be informed that students must provide them with a copy of their timetable that can be brought to the school
  • Teachers will meet and greet parents and introduce program highlights in their individual classrooms.
  • Parents of High School students will follow a bell schedule for each period.
  • Parents of Grades 7&8 students will follow the same bell schedule,  but will not follow a specific schedule.  
  • Parents can tour the school for the last 15 minutes and depart at 7:30pm.


Additional details:

  • Most teachers are not able to comment on children’s individual needs at this point in the year, and this is not the focus of the evening. 
  • The focus is meant for parents to “meet teachers”, and for the teachers to be able to deliver any key expectations in terms of the curriculum and or classroom environment/expectations. 
  • There will be a 5 minute allowance for parents to move classrooms. Teachers will be in their classroom for the entire evening.  


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